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Full-time wine enthusiast, first-time author and part-time foodie Howard K is a very lucky man. In late 2007, he hit the big Trifecta, and his life was forever changed. Unfortunately, the payout wasn’t in cash or prizes. Instead, his winnings included surgery, chemo therapy and months of radiation treatments, all of which resulted in a new and growing appreciation for and perspective on life in general.

With the help, love and support of his family and close friends, Howard survived his bout with adversity and currently remains cancer-free. However, one of the main side-effects of his successful treatment was the total loss of his sense of taste, and his elation and relief at regaining his health was, for many years during his long recovery, tempered by his inability to enjoy the simple, gratifying flavors in a cup of coffee, a bite of bread and cheese, or a glass of wine.

In late 2010, the situation finally began to improve, and over the following months and years, he found himself once again attending tastings, dinners and other social events where the enjoyment of fine wines was an integral part of the festivities.

A friend suggested he chronicle his experiences and share them with the world, and in 2012, the novice writer began to do just that. While attempting to condense his thoughts and impressions into a coherent, truthful recounting of his small ordeal and subsequent recovery, he instead veered way off-course and produced this quirky work of funny fiction that weaves together his own wine experiences in the French countryside,his slightly twisted sense of humor, and his love of the phrase "Just say yes."

He hopes you will say “yes” to his first book, Dial M For Merlot.

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